This is one of my fanfictions for this.This is a mini version of the book Hidden Secrets

Birdstar sighed and waited at the Lakeclan border. Her thoughts turned to her new Deputy Moonfeather, who had saved her from Coldtail. She waited and saw Blueshade with her kits, Mistypool and Pebblewisker. Birdstar new Blackstar, the former leader of Doveclans secret about these kits. But she never told anybody yet.

"What do you want?" Blueshade hissed. "I need to see my Half-Sister" she mewed. Blueshade narrowed her eyes. "Shes coming this way. Hunting" she snapped. Cedarpool leaped forward. Only Blueshade, and Birdstar knew about Cedarpool being her sister. "Hello." She meowed calmly. Cedarpool narrowed her eyes. Blueshade padded away. Cedarpool leaped into doveclan territory with claws out. cedarpool had chosen the perfect time to attack.

Cedarpool sneered. "I heard you. and im NOT your sister! My father is Treepelt and Whispertail. Not Whitestar!"

Birdstar sihed. "Treepelt is your father, for sure and Whitestars your mother."

Birdstar unseathed her claws. "I know you killed Snakeclaw, and you will regret it!" she hissed, digging her claws into cedarpools bqack. "You used to be Hollowpaw, you remember yes? then Treepelt declared you join Lakeclan so he gave you a new name." Cedarpool broke free